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Thread: More Milk Plus by Motherlove?

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    Default More Milk Plus by Motherlove?

    Hi Ladies,
    I have a small problem. I have a 9 month old & I work full time. On the weekdays she physically nurses twice a day, takes 2 7 ounce bottles of EBM, & of course has her assortment of solids. I have noticed in the past 2 weeks that my supply has dropped drastically. I am in a wierd situation pumping at work, it is VERY stressful- I pump in the fitting rooms & it is loud and cold (open ceilings). I try to relax & think about feeding my baby Emily, but it's rough. I have taken Fenugreek, but it makes me really sick. Does anyone have any experience with More Milk by Motherlove? I know that one doesn't have any Fenugreek. I am willing to try anything, as before I pumped 6 ounces in the morning & 8 at work....now I get maybe 3-4 in the morning & 1-2 at work. My husband is very supportive & he urges me to call our nearest LLL consultant (which I will do Monday, or at least try to go to a meeting). It's just so stressful at work & I dislike my job.
    Thanks so much-

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    Hi Anne,
    You are doing so well providing milk for your dd and are worried that your supply is falling off some. That must be a big concern for you. I hope you are able to get in touch with a local Leader ASAP. Your dh is right, she will be able to give you some great support and info, as will the meeting.

    In the meantime, I thought I might give you some suggestions. First, some questions though.

    Is your pump working properly? Is it new/used? What kind?

    Could you be pregnant? Has your period recently returned?

    How would dd feel about increased nighttime nursing? Could you get her to nurse in her sleep or does she wake to nurse? Could you pump at night or before bed?

    Do you work every day or do you get a couple of days off in a row? If so, how does she do then? Could you encourage more frequent nursing then to ramp up your supply?

    How long are you separated for the time which she takes 2 7 ounce bottles? Is she with DH or babysitter? Do you think you could discuss with sitter possibly offering smaller amounts and seeing what happens? Some sitters will mistake a baby's cues for other things and over-feed. Just a thought.

    Would you be able to nurse dd *right* before you leave her at the sitter and *as soon* as you arrive, thereby shortening the time that she needs the EBM. For instance: If she nurses at 7 am and you leave her at 8:30 at the sitter and then pick her up at 5 and she nurses at 6:30, they are filling in a 11.5 hour time period with 14 ounces. That is not unreasonable. So, for example, instead of doing that you would arrive at the sitter at 8 am and nurse her then right before you leave. Then ask them not to give her anything past 3pm and nurse her upon arrival at 5pm. Then they are only feeding her from 8:30 until 3pm, which should lower the amount of needed milk. Make sense?

    Hopefully some other moms will come around with ideas on the Motherlove.

    By the way: Hurray for supportive hubbies!!!

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