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    Angry Superwoman

    I think I am just needing to vent because I am EXHAUSTED! Between work, housework and dinners, baby, older sibling and the other kid (husband) I am worn out and feeling resentful. My baby is 4 months old now and we have had a string of illnesses in the home. My baby is the type who wants to be held and carried around most of the time (although she is very sweet). Only three rooms in our house are ever clean at the same time. And I hate to admit it but I have grown very resentful of husband. He just doesn't do enough to chip in. The other day, I was picking up his plate in the living room and actually fantasized grabbing the plate and chucking it at his head! Does anyone else feel like this?

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    Ahahahaha -- of course As long as it's just fantasy then it's healthy enough

    But, does he understand how you feel?

    I've been a single mom, working full time, going to college & have a chronic illness to boot -- I heard some quote early on & it was my mantra!
    Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk while the snow is still falling
    I carried Leila in a sling to vaccuum/sweep/dust, studied when she napped, plopped her in one of those vibrating/rocking seats in the bathroom so I could have a bubblebath, cleaned the house in a rotation of 1 room per day (dishes washed themselves in a sinkful of soapy water all day while I was away so I only had to rinse when I got back, LOL) & each week my parents had her for an hour or 2 so I could just CHILL OUT!

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    Stacy - YES! Even with the most wonderful husbands, we can feel this way!! I agree with papoosas...maybe talking to your husband about it? (after the strong desire to assault him with a dinner plate pass, perhaps... )

    I think part of it is that we DO try to be superwomen...work all day, get everything just right at work, and then we need everything just right at home, and that cleaning is NEVER done.

    Just remember, all the housework can wait...granted, I say this to you on my own little 5 minute house-cleaning break...hmmmm. I think we could all use some good coping mechanisms for just letting the small stuff go....

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    Unhappy Re: Superwoman

    I absolutely know how you feel. I did ask my husband for more help and he actually had the nerve to say no! You can imagine my reaction....my ds is 3 months old as of yesterday and I have started working full time for about 3 weeks now, worked part time for several weeks before that. Ever since I went back to work, I have been battling illnesses. My voice is now gone. Then my husband had gallbladder surgery this week, now he has an excuse not to help, but the doc says he cannot lift the our ds for about six weeks!!! I'm glad his surgery went well, but I do need his help a little. He used to help with an evening feeding and give me a chance to run errands and such, now I don't get a breather at all.

    Thanks for letting me vent. It is nice to know that there are others out there that deal with the same stuff.

    P.S. - My house is a wreck and it is driving me crazy!!!!! I actually thought this might be a sign of postpartum depression, but I don't have any other symptoms except anger toward my husband. Now I worry about my marriage, but I think we will get through this rough patch.
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    Default Re: Superwoman

    Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk while the snow is still falling
    OMG, I'm going to frame this and put it on my living room!!

    I think all of us have had our fair share of this feelings. Talk to DH about how you feel, and learn to lower your expectations a little bit when it come to housework otherwise you'll go crazy. Think about that it's more important to spend time with our kids than having a shiny house, I've known of people that there houses look like "WOW, how does she does it", well usually totally neglecting the kids and fussing at them every time they make the most insignificant tiny teeny mess just for the sake of "appearance to the others" and so DH don't fuss at her. Sorry, but kids come first.

    Hang in there, it will "eventually" get a bit better, or at least you'll get used to.

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    heres a good link from new beginings. its nore for a sahm but it does have some good advice.


    keep talking to your hubby we all have times when we are very annoyed with each other. Adding a new baby is a very stressfull time for everybody.

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    Default Re: Superwoman

    Oh Yea do I feel like that. My Dh get's on my nerves anymore. I feel like I am suppose to superwoman and yet I feel soo frustrated bc of that. I don't understand where in the world that just bc they work means that they don't need to help us! They are so mindless and must think that raising a child is easy.
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