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Thread: 4 day old nursing issues

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    Default 4 day old nursing issues

    I've nursed 3 children before. But this time around, my son is 4 days old and I am having issues. He just seems to want to nurse all the time and at night especially, he shows all signs of being hungry, I try latching him on, he tries and tries to latch and gets more and more upset, finally he latches, drinks a bit, pops off, I get him to sleep, he wakes and wants more (5 minutes later). I am super sore nipples and don't know why he does this latch on and off thing and not latching when he appears so hungry. My milk is in as of last night (day 3). He's getting enough wet and dirty diapers.
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    Default Re: 4 day old nursing issues

    Has he been checked for tongue or lip tie?

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    Hi Nola! Nice to see you. Congratulations on a 4th baby. And a BOY. It sounds like he's getting enough. Are you doing the sandwich thing? and getting your whole nipple in there? The constant nursing up until this point could have just been about him getting your milk to come in. Make sure and leave your nipples OUT to dry as much as possible and keep them lubed up with lanolin or nipple butter when actually feeding him. Good luck!
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