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Thread: Inspirining story

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    Default Inspirining story

    2 years ago I read on LLL web inspiring story how one mom managed to stop caries in her child and still continue to breastfeed. I need that story again but I can't find it anymore.
    I remember that she used xylitol (I think) 5x per day. Her baby was little over one year old.
    Can someone help me find her story?

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    Hi! You may not still be around but I just happened to be taking a stroll down memory lane tonight and wandered into the forums and realized there was a (somewhat) recent post- yours! So, if you are still around, I will try to help.

    https://www.naturalchild.org/guest/lisa_reagan.html Is this what you are looking for? Or was it a post in the forums?

    PS is it weird I can log on here again? I am pretty sure I could not do so previously. Sadly I assume no one can set up a new account.

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