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Thread: 4 month twins not gaining what doc wants=CPS threat

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    Default 4 month twins not gaining what doc wants=CPS threat

    I have a client I am working with who has two twin boys. Born at 38 weeks weights 5.3 and 7.5lbs Now at 17 weeks (4m 1w) they are 9.6lbs 21.75in and 9.16lbs 22.75in respectively. They have been hitting milestones appropriately. Tongue ties were revised by a competent physician at 8 weeks of age and no problems with latching since. They have wonderful latches and when I had observed them post revision they had beautiful suck swallow patterns with great audible swallows. Mom reports 2-3 poops a day with at least 10 wet diapers a day. At night she pumps and feeds a 4oz bottle each between 8 and 9pm. They sleep until 2am where they are up nursing/sleeping until 5 or 6 am. Father gives 4oz bottles of expressed breast milk every 3 hours while she works. The boys have never lost weight at all, they gain but just slowly. They are below the 3rd percentile per WHO weight for age boys chart however they are not decreasing any percentiles.

    The pediatrician she sees has told her she must supplement with formula and she has one month to gain weight using formula or he will call CPS on her. I am flabbergasted at this. This mom is doing so well for having twins and she is terrified she will lose her babies at this point. I've never dealt with such a situtation and I'm hoping you wise and wonderful ladies can help give me a little guidance on how to proceed here. From everything I have found from mom indicates her littles are growing well and thriving. From everything I have ever been taught as long as they are growing on their own curve and hitting milestones then there isn't any need for extreme alarm, monitoring sure but calling CPS?!

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    Default Re: 4 month twins not gaining what doc wants=CPS threat

    Hi, I am so sorry your client is having this problem. While unusual, this kind of thing has been reported here before. It is very unfortunate.

    Obviously there are situations where CPS overreaches. It happens. But overall, remember these are people who see the worst of the worst when it comes to child neglect and abuse. And even in many of those cases, CPS tries to not take children away from the family if there are other ways to solve the problem, and when children are taken into custody, eventual family reunification is usually attempted if it is in any way possible. So, it is very unlikely CPS will take away children who are overall healthy, clearly not victims of neglect, but just a little small or gaining slowly. The problem in this case is that if it comes down to a doctor said/parent said situation, that might sway CPS against the parent. But not necessarily.

    In other words, it is one thing to have CPS called, and quite another to have CPS make the decision to take children away from their parents.

    By client I assume you are this mom's IBCLC? Midwife? Doula? Anyway, if appropriate, I suggest that you help this mom document everything that she has been doing to solve any breast feeding issues, document every poop, every bottle, every feeding at the breast, etc. and of course also weight checks from the start. Also have contact info for any other doctors involved in the babies care ever. Any people esp. medical professionals who would be familiar with the parents whose opinion might be different than this doctor's.

    And if at possible, can the mom bring her babies to a different pediatrician? Even if the babies DO need supplemental feedings, even if that medical advice is correct, (not saying it is, just supposing) even in that case, it is a truly horrible thing to threaten a mother with calling CPS because her babies are not gaining! CPS exists so the state can intervene in order to stop or prevent abuse or neglect of children. If a doctor suspects abuse or neglect, then he or she must report- legally and morally. But what this doctor is doing (assuming the facts are complete here) is totally different. He is threatening to call CPS in order coerce parents into following his medical advice which may or may not even be correct. This is very improper and no matter what, I imagine any trust in this doctor is gone.
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