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Thread: Newborn (12 days) very short nursing sessions.

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    Default Newborn (12 days) very short nursing sessions.

    Hi all - I was wondering if anyone else has had babies like this or it is normal. My firstborn's nursing habits were just soooooooo different I'm trying to not worry, but still am.

    My sweet little guy gained his birth weight back and then some after the first week (BW + 2 oz), which was a huge relief considering my first took a little longer. Once my first took off, he was just fine, but needed a little more time. The first week (and I have continued to do so), I woke him for feedings.

    I feel like after that first visit with our pediatrician, the little guy will literally only nurse 2 - 5 minutes tops, on one breast. The first week he wouldn't take a second breast either. He usually averages 3 minutes. He's having good urine/BM output. His pediatrician said he had a very strong suck and would be an efficient nurser - like 5 minutes. However, at his little age, this just seems like such a short time?

    My first was the marathon nurser, and loved to comfort nurse. This little guy will nurse briefly, pull off, and be DONE. Can't coax him to relatch or switch sides, etc.

    I don't know if I'm reading too much into it because their habits are so different, or if I should be concerned. The reason so is he's also WAY sleepier than my first, and my toddler tends to be waking him up a lot - he'll nurse, fall asleep, get woken up, repeat (that's a whole separate thing we're working on.. ha ha ). So the other part of me wonders if he's just falling asleep before he's really done.

    But, since his stool output is great, is it really possible he's just super efficient even this little?! And maybe just isn't much of a "comfort/suckling" nurser?

    secondary question...

    My other concern is my supply, since he's nursing so quickly. The other day I pumped when I had them both napping out of curiosity and got 6 oz super quickly. I had a really good supply with my first. I am going back to work in 4 months, and want to make sure I have a great supply this time so that I'm able to pump all his milk this time again and not supplement. When do you suggest beginning to pump as to not get supply out of wack (under/over supply)?

    Thank you everyone!

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    Default Re: Newborn (12 days) very short nursing sessions.

    Hi and congratulations! It sounds like all is normal. Many moms make more milk with 2nd baby than with first. It sounds like your production was good with oldest child, so you may be making even more milk now. This would tend to shorten nursing sessions because baby can get all they need quickly.

    No harm in gently encouraging baby to nurse longer, but if he won't, he won't. I would suggest do not think of baby as "just not a comfort nurser", that is unlikely and would not be clear this early anyway. Most babies who are not comfort nursers are that way because they have been somehow discouraged (often inadvertently) from comfort nursing. Comfort nursing is generally important for encouraging longer term nursing, so it is best to gently encourage it.

    On the other hand, since baby is gaining well and pooping lots, no need to stress, baby is clearly getting enough.

    Encouraging frequent nursing sessions is an excellent thing to do when there is lots of milk and fast sessions. Frequent nursing will help the milk flow to be less intense, so baby may nurse a bit longer each time.

    pumping 6 ounces - that is a lot to be pumping at any point, but in particular it is a lot for under two weeks! Milk production tends to increase gradually for the first 4-6 weeks naturally. I would suggest not worry about pumping for as long as you can, but if you really want to get a jump on it, probably no harm in pumping once a day or a couple times a week. The risk with pumping at this point is that you might create a problematic overproduction. However if neither you nor baby experience OP as a problem, no reason to worry about it. On the other hand, best to be careful about pumping too much because OP can be a problem for some moms and for some babies. Pumping would not cause undersupply- as long as you make enough for baby, you do not have undersupply.

    Since you have a newborn and are very busy, you may not be aware the forums are closing permanently in a couple days. Just a heads up. For more info see the Forum Announcements.

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