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    After more than 10 years and 1.6 million posts, we’re sad to announce that the LLLI Mother-to-Mother Forums is officially closed as of Monday, November 20, 2017, as the LLLI website moves over to a new platform.

    We’re opening a new LLLI Breastfeeding Support Community on Inspire.com, a health-related online communities website. While smaller in scale than the Mother-to-Mother Forums, the new community is similar in organization and function, and you’ll have even more control over your privacy.

    You can join the new community at llli.inspire.com. You'll have the option of logging in with your Facebook or Google account (really easy!), or you can create a standalone Inspire account. Even if you log in with Facebook, none of your personal info transfers over to Inspire. You choose your own username and have control over who can see any information you share.

    Another option is joining one of the many Facebook groups run by local LLL Groups from all over the world, or the incredibly active LLLI Breastfeeding Support Facebook Group. It's a private group with LLL Leader moderators who screen and respond to every new breastfeeding question.

    While it’s financially necessary for LLLI to make this change, it’s hard to say goodbye to the Forums. We know how many friendships have formed and important moments have been shared there.

    Thank you so much to all our members who’ve made the Forums such a supportive community and helped so many mothers over the years.
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    I am terribly sad and cried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nivilovely View Post
    I am terribly sad and cried.
    I'm so sorry!

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