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Thread: Dear friends,

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    Default Dear friends,

    I am posting this here in the Breastfeeding Your Baby section, because this is the forum I have posted in the most. I will never forget my early days struggling to breastfeed my first baby, and so have always felt an urgency to help when moms have posted here in particular. With the forums closing in just a few days, I trust no one will mind!

    14 years ago I made my first call to a La Leche League Leader. My first baby was 7 months old, and all my mommy friends with children the same age had stopped breastfeeding. My son and I had had so many struggles and breastfeeding was finally starting to feel natural and comfortable and…dare I say it? Easy. The last thing I wanted to do was stop, but because all my friends had stopped, I thought I was doing something wrong. The wise Leader I called (she later became my mentor when I became a LLL Leader) listened to my fears, and then she simply invited me to a LLL meeting. She joked later that it was the easiest help call she had ever received. For me, that short phone call was life changing.

    The mothers I have since met at LLL meetings, Leader events and LLL conferences gave me every tool that I have found important and helpful as a mother. Every mom I view as a mothering mentor to this day was part of La Leche League at one time or another.

    I started posting to these forums about 7 years ago. At first I did not post much, but eventually barely a day passed without me visiting the forums- some days, several times. I thought I would have to stop posting when my third child was born, and later when I started homeschooling my children I stopped for a while. But I always came back. Of course I have seen how the forum activity has dwindled especially in the last year. But since moms kept asking, I kept answering- and was more than happy to do so.

    After being a LLL Leader for 6 years, a few years ago I resigned from LLL Leadership due to decisions LLL had made with which I strongly disagreed. It was a painful time during which many Leaders quietly resigned. I have never regretted resigning – while I continue to deeply believe in La Leche League’s original philosophy and mission, I personally could no longer support LLL directly as a Leader.

    But it broke my heart to not be able to help mothers on the phone, at meetings, and with home visits. I was grateful to have these forums where, as a mother rather than a Leader, I could continue to talk to mothers from all over the world, learn so much, and share the knowledge I had gathered over a decade of passionate study in the area of nursing mothers and babies.

    As you know the forums are closing in just a few days. Karen has posted the details in Forum Announcements. We have been informed that there will be no archiving of the threads, so not only will the forums be closing, all of the posts and threads will no longer be available even for viewing. I cannot even begin to think about trying to save any favorites, so I am choosing to accept and let it all go. I trust my words have done all the good they are going to do, but I am mourning the loss to the world of over a decade of wisdom from the many thousands of mothers and LLL Leaders who have participated in these forums all these years.

    I am not interested at this point in continuing my forum activity on facebook or Inspire. But, I have also learned never say never. I may pop up somewhere someday. But for now, when the forums say goodbye, so will I.

    Thank you all for being such amazing, loving, caring, honest, funny and indefatigable mothers. Thank you all for being my constant inspiration. I will forever carry you and your babies (of all ages) in my heart.


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    Default Re: Dear friends,

    OMG . I don't know what to say. I really cried. This forum has helped me a lot., wihtout this I might go crazy, there is never been a single day without seeing this forum. I have no words to say except my tears.

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    Default Re: Dear friends,

    I will miss you maddieb.

    I thought I would thank you after breastfeeding my son for 1.5 or 2 years and send you a message that you helped me through it. but since the forum is closing I think I have to say this, Thank you. I will never forget your help.

    Djs.Mom Thanks for you too.
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