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Thread: Questions nursing 13 month old

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    Default Questions nursing 13 month old

    My daughter just turned 13 months, and I have a few questions.

    Is it normal that she really only wants to nurse well when it's time to sleep? If I offer to feed her at non-nap/bed times she only nurses for maybe 2-3 min. She quickly gets squirmy so I've started putting her right down. Otherwise she will start to bite.

    I don't think I have a supply problem that would cause her to bite. I think she just likes to bite. She bites our arms, shoulders, pants, skin, and the furniture, lol. She really enjoys biting anything and everything! Her diapers are always wet and she is still in the 60th for weight, she seems happy. She also loves solids though, I am trying to go with the slow increase of solids. She eats two good sized meals per day a snack or two. Does this seem like a good amount of solids? It's hard to know how much to offer since we have the problem that she doesn't like to nurse when wide awake. I don't want to hurt my supply but I also don't want to stop her from eating solids so I just try to meet in the middle. However, she will eat absolutely any solids I offer. If I stop offering after say, one serving, she is happy to get down. If I keep giving her more food, she keeps eating. It's hard to know if I should stop after one serving or maybe nurse her before every single solids meal?

    Do toddlers normally go back to settling down to nurse in the day after they start walking? She just started walking a few days ago and walking around is her favorite activity along with chewing things.

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    Default Re: Questions nursing 13 month old

    There is usually more nursing when their 1st year molars break as well as when they hit their next growth spurt. Which if IRRC was right around 14 months for my son. I was very happy that I wasn't his sole source of nutrition for that one. By that age I was feeding my son 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks and still nursing on demand. "Meals" at the age were usually a saucer size place with 3-5 different thing on it that he could eat him self including whatever we were having for dinner all broken out into solid foods that he could fee himself. So if we were having tacos, he would get beans, shredded chicken, broken up taco shell, shredded cheese and shredded lettuce. All broken out. I think we might have started using those sectional plates by 13months? But the quantity of solids was still relatively small. And I wouldn't worry about the amount during the day. If she nurses up and down and is still taking at least one nap a day that 4 good sessions plus and her quickie meals. This is the age that weaning actually naturally begins. And also right after the year point, because of the walking around, and exposure to other children that naturally occurs when toddler start to walk, the antibodies in your milk go way up. So it's normal for them to nurse less at this point, And your milk adjust so that they are still getting what they need from less milk.

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    Default Re: Questions nursing 13 month old

    When you are talking past a year, there is a very wide range of "normal." If you want to encourage baby to nurse longer term, I would suggest gently encourage/offer as much as you like. It is never (or at least, rarely) a bad idea to offer to nurse, before solids or after or any other time. Living in a culture where breastfeeding past 6 months is unusual, sometimes we send subtle messages that are oppositional to nursing without even realizing it and some kids pick up on that, and one of those messages is we stop offering. Also if you are still spoon feeding solids you might stop or reduce doing that and letting baby eat more on their own, sometimes spoon feeding leads to the child eating more solids (and ingesting more liquid as spoon fed foods are high in water) and that might lead to less nursing.

    On the other hand, no reason to stress if your child is not nursing with high frequency at this point because nursing frequency tends to go up and down, also some kids continue to nurse a very long time only nursing a few times a day.

    And yes I did not know all that about antibodies (cool!) but many moms find that as a child will ask to nurse more after a milestone is reached.

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