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Thread: Working and Toddler Breastfeeding

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    Default Working and Toddler Breastfeeding

    My toddler is now 2 years old and I am struggling with maintaining breastfeeding while working. I continue to pump at work, but get less and less. I can pump 4x a day for 20 minutes and still only get 8oz. Outside of work he nurses whenever he feels like it (including night). The timing/frequency is variable - it depends on his mood.

    I'd like to not pump so much but I worry that if I stop pumping that my supply at other times of day. At school he often doesn't finish the milk I send I think he would be fine if I stopped sending entirely but I think he would mind if there was less milk when nursing. He does get frustrated at times when my letdown is slow so I know that he is looking for both milk and comfort when he nurses. How does one successfully maintain toddler nursing without spending all day with the pump?

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    I stopped pumping with both my kids at around the 14 month mark. I was only working part time when my oldest was 1 till about 21 months or so, and she nursed on demand when I was home. I don't remember her having any issues with not getting enough milk when we were together and she went on to nurse till just past 3 years. My toddler is currently 16 months and I work full time, nursing on demand when we're together. I can't say I've ever had any issues with her not having the milk when she wants. Most women pump wean after a year or so and only pump for longer absences.

    Could you try weaning down a pump at a time and seeing if it really affects how he nurses when you're together?

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