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Thread: trying to conceive but PROLACTIN< PROGESTERONE LOW

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    Default trying to conceive but PROLACTIN< PROGESTERONE LOW

    Hi, i stopped breastfeeding 4 months ago, my little one is 22 months now. We would like to have second baby, but I haven't had my period back. I had some blood tests done and the PROLACTIN came back SO LOW. Does anyone know how this could be related? My progesterone is also low. I have heard of high prolactin and difficulties to conceive, but LOW?

    Prolactin. 1.6L ng/ml normal range non pregnant 3.0-30
    post menopausal. 2.0-20

    Progesterone <0.5 LOW

    any thoughts please share

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    Default Re: trying to conceive but PROLACTIN< PROGESTERONE LOW

    You do not have to answer this, but I am wondering, who did these tests and why? What advice did they give you? Are they treating you? Did they say the low prolactin was a problem? How experienced are they in treating infertility?

    If you are not already seeing a fertility doctor, and you want to have a child anytime soon (born within two years) I would suggest start researching/asking around about infertility clinics right now and make an appointment at one that sounds good to you. At this point you have no idea what is wrong and might want to consider getting professional fertility advice/treatment recommendations. In my experience it can take months to even get an appointment at a good clinic, and then it might take months to complete all the testing a specialist would need to make a diagnosis, and then it can take many more months before you decide on a treatment and get started with treatments, and then of course there is the possibility initial treatment will not work and you need to try something else. Of course it might take much shorter, but personally I was shocked how long it all took and my one regret about fertility treatment is that we did not get into a good clinic sooner.

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    Default Re: trying to conceive but PROLACTIN< PROGESTERONE LOW

    im not seeing any specialist, I will have appointment to my doc in two weeks, I ordered these tests on my own, just to see where I am because after I stopped breastfeeding my period havent come yet. It has been almost 4 months already. I have breastfed my littel one until her 19 months without problem.

    here is more tests results

    I just had my routine blood test done and this is the result. I am trying to figure it out. Im 38 years, trying to conceive with the second baby. My first one is 21 months and I stopped breastfeeding 4 months ago and still have no period.

    FSH 8.1 mIU/ml
    normal range
    follicular phase 2.5-10.2
    mid cycle peak 3.1 - 17.7
    luteal phase 1.5 - 9.1
    postmenopausal 23.0- 116

    LH 1.8
    follicular phase 1.9-12.5
    mid cycle peak 8.7 - 76.3
    luteal phase 0.5 - 16.9
    postmenopausal 10.0 - 54.7

    folicular phase <1.0
    luteal phase 2.6 - 21.5
    postmenopausal < 0.5

    ESTRADIOL 33 pg/ml
    follicular phase 19-144
    mid cycle peak 64- 357
    luteal phase 56 - 214
    postmenopausal <31

    what this results mean? I have the doctor appointment in 2 weeks , can't wait to figure out.

    Please advice

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    Default Re: trying to conceive but PROLACTIN< PROGESTERONE LOW

    My advice is unchanged. I am sorry I do not know what the numbers mean, I still think it would be a good idea to see a specialist and you can talk to your doctor about that. I did hunt around a bit online, and what I found is that if your prolactin is clinically low it could possibly indicate various health issues and is also sometimes implicated in low fertility.

    But this is why you need someone who understands all this clearly, especially if you may be experiencing "secondary infertility" (infertility after having a child with no fertility issues.) And not all doctors- not even all OBs- are going to have that expertise. And whoever you see might need to look at more than numbers, in part because understanding your reproductive history might be very important in ascertaining what (if anything) is going on that could be impacting your cycle so strongly.

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