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    Hi all,

    So I am kind of panicked and upset...
    My 2.5 yr old nurses day and night. My supply obviously wasn't what it was when she was infant but it's been nourishing enough and I feel a letdown or fullness. It's been totally gone for almost a week. I haven't changed my diet- if anything I've upped calories. I'm on zero medications. Just vitamin supplements. 110% not pregnant. I have taken afrin a few times recently for sinus congestion but I believe it dwindled before that even. Also I had taken it a couple times for 2-3 days in past and never affected supply. I'm really confused and my daughter is upset/frustrated and questioning constantly "where's the milk?" Slightly heartbreaking. Can anyone lend some ideas or insight as to why this might be?? Thank you I'm advance !!

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    Hi, sorry you are having this concern! With my third and last child, who at 5 still nurses twice a day, there were times she complained there was no milk, and yet she kept nursing, and later never mentioned any concern. This situation would come and go. When she was still nursing frequently and I felt "low" I would temporarily take herbal galactagogues and they seemed to help. Personally I tried goats rue and fenugreek, but before taking any medicinal herbs you will want to do your own research.

    Also, not feeling fullness or letdown is not a sign of low production. It is rare for any mom to feel full or have any significant letdown sensation beyond the early months. Moms who do not have these sensations usually are still making normal amounts of milk.

    Milk production does not go away for no reason at all. You have mentioned the usual suspects- another common cause of lowered production is low hydration, which is the reason medications that cause dehydration are sometimes but not always a problem- basically you need to drink enough water to counteract the dehydration they cause as you would need to do to counteract any cause of dehydration such as exercise or hot weather.

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    Thank you for the feedback! I'm truly hoping it'll come back but the only times it has disappeared like this was when I was stomach sick and unable to eat and then my supply would return to normal again once eating so this is super abnormal for me. I tried in the last few hours to drink as much water as possible. Feel like I've become an avid water drinker since giving birth so I'm unsure that's it. Worth a try to up it. Could stress affect milk supply? Over a week ago I had an abnormal period as I'm regular and it would disappear for day come back etc and I came to think it stemmed from a really stressful event in my life that also caused some anxiety. Not sure how likely it would be linked ...
    Just want to be able to feed her again. I ALREADY miss that connection of nursing.

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    Extreme, prolonged stress may be linked to lowered production, so I assume a very stressful event might cause this issue very temporarily. Stress is linked to an inability to let down too.

    But usually, any cause like that would be temporary. Milk production would bounce back if the stress alleviates and other measures taken (more frequent milk removal, hydrating, maybe some herbal galactagogue if you want to try that.)

    Of course it is normal for milk production to be pretty "low" compared to the first 12-24 months anyway, milk production will reduce gradually as the child gradually moves to less need. This is normal, and it should not interfere all that much with the child's desire to nurse-except as would be normal in the gradual weaning process. How gradually weaning happens varies a good deal.

    So if you think there was an abrupt change in milk production with no obvious cause, I would suggest see doctor for a hormone work-up. Milk production would be interrupted by hormonal changes (this is why pregnancy might cause a reduction in production- but even when a mom is pregnant, many toddlers continue to nurse.)

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