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Thread: Almost 9 months and still confused by solids..

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    Default Almost 9 months and still confused by solids..

    My daughter will be 9 months next week and I am still completely lost at what kind of schedule she should be on for solids. We started introducing at 6 months, despite our doctors recommendations to start at 4 months. We our doing solids (purees) twice a day, either after nursing or I will pump/express some milk to have with her solids. Reading up on schedules and introduciton of solids makes it sound like she should be getting so much more but most sources also seem to place so much less emphasis on breastfeeding as the primary source. She has also recently been nursing several times a night and some days refusing to nurse as often as what's normal for her. Any advice on what sort of schedule she should be on and how to proceed with introducing solids?

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    Hi. I strongly suggest the book My Child Won't Eat. Dr. Gonzalez explains the history of feeding recommendations, who they come from, how they change regularly, and how even current ones vary tremendously country to country. Overall I think you will find it interesting how very LITTLE evidence or science goes into these recommendations! And yes it is also certainly true that these recommendations do not take into account at all the many, many children who are living and thriving entirely or very close to entirely on breastmilk at this age.

    After introducing solids to three kids all with very different methods, I personally find "baby led weaning" style combined with an approach of "offering what you (parents/older sibs) are eating, when you are eating" type introduction makes by far the most sense and is also the easiest. Some foods require some minor preparation differences, and of course some foods you would not offer to baby, but even with those limitations this type of method allows for a wide variety of foods to be offered with the least amount of effort and the least mess and waste. Also, baby led need not mean no purees, it actually is more about how the food is offered than what exactly is offered to baby. Offering is key...in other words, baby decides if they actually want anything and what and how much.

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