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Thread: How do I wean toddler?

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    Default How do I wean toddler?

    Hi, my daughter will be 2 years in December. I'm starting to wonder how I go about starting to wean. I stay at home with her and currently nurse her 5 or 6 times. Alot of it is comfort for her. I would be ok stopping soon...but she seems to be increasingly attached to nursing as the months go by. She's rather demanding which I don't like too much and she seems to get real upset if I deny her. I've ALWAYS loved nursing and still do..., But am starting to be ready to let it go. But how???
    I do leave for an entire weekend with my husband mid November without her. She will get no milk in a cup or anything because she refuses my milk in a cup...will only nurse from me. Good news is when I'm not with her at Naptime or bedtime (if I am at a meeting and my husband has to put her down) she will go to bed without me needing to nurse her.
    P.s she never has liked cow's milk or anything like that...

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    Default Re: How do I wean toddler?

    There are two excellent books on weaning and I would suggest one of those. The Nursing Mothers Guide to Weaning and How Weaning Happens. I would also suggest the book Sweet Sleep from LLL just for more info on what is normal when it comes to nursing and sleep.

    There is not any one way to wean a child. It is a very individual experience every time!

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