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Thread: More finger foods?

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    Default More finger foods?

    Any tips for easy to eat finger foods that might help expand the variety of solids that my 11 month old will eat?

    Now that he's older he refuses to be spoon-fed unless he really really wants what you're offering. He likes to feed himself banana, cheese, and toast--he has those pretty much every day. He also likes other fruit, especially peaches and kiwi, and as those are slippery for him to handle and he likes them enough he'll usually let you help him with them.

    We try offering him some of basically everything we're eating, but most other things he puts in his mouth and chews on for a little bit and then spits back out, or occasionally eats one bite of and then is done.

    I wouldn't be worried about it and would be perfectly happy to let him proceed at his own pace, except we're now expecting baby #2. So far my milk supply seems to be fine and I haven't noticed any significant change in his nursing pattern...he's decreased maybe a little but nothing huge. Maybe we'll continue like that throughout the pregnancy and be totally fine, but I know pregnancy can sometimes impact supply or cause some babies to wean, so in case that happens I'd like to help him be as prepared as possible to have his nutritional needs otherwise met. I guess he could subsist for a while on bananas, cheese, and toast...but it would be nice to have one or two other things in the mix for him, especially at least one option that's a little less constipating.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: More finger foods?

    My only suggestion is to keep doing what you are doing- offering whatever you are eating but not pushing. That plus those few things baby consistently likes should be fine, and if baby also eats peaches or plums that kind of thing should help with constipation issues, also sips of water would help with that.

    I had one very reluctant eater and I found this a helpful book: My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez. It is not about how to get a child to eat more, but rather it is about why trying to get a child to eat more is almost never necessary.

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    Default Re: More finger foods?

    Sweet Potato Fries
    cucumber spears-cut length wise and then in half. Perfect size for them to grip.
    Artichokes. Pulling off the leaves and eating the bottom part can be a whole experience!
    Baby Carrots.
    Quesadillas cut into strips
    Celery with cream cheese or peanut butter
    Raw bell peppers cut up.
    Kale chips. Home made. Put raw kale on a cookie sheet. Spray with olive oil and bake at 350 for 15 minutes
    Apples cut into hand size wedges was a favorite of my at that age because it kept him busy for a while without much of a mess.
    Cheerios of course.

    Way too lazy for formula

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    Default Re: More finger foods?

    Thanks a lot! I have read [I]My Child Won't Eat[I], and I found it to be helpful but I guess it hasn't fully sunk in. Old anxieties die hard I guess!

    That's a great list, definitely going to try some of those!

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    Default Re: More finger foods?

    Congrats on new baby!

    I can't recommend baby led weaning cookbook enough. It gave me confidence in what I could feed my boy at that age. But really, they can eat almost anything... tough veg can still be steamed. Also, be careful of raw apples, they are a bit chokey... but here's some more of my faves...

    Chick peas, raw or baked with different spices.
    Soft boiled eggs
    Pieces of ham, steak, lamb chop, roast chicken
    Sugar snap peas
    Frozen beans, frozen peas, frozen sweet corn
    Olives ( cut in half )
    Pieces of radish
    Tomatoes cut in half
    Mini beef burgers or balls

    Literally anything really- the more variety the better, and it's true what they say about keep offering even if they don't eat, it's taken over a year to get my toddler to eat carrots but he's finally decided he likes them.

    Oh and the cheesy lentil bakes from baby led weaning were a big hit at that age, and they keep for ages in fridge.

    Also, I wish I had never spoon fed my boy as he now still needs spoon feeding, has no desire to do it himself, wish I had just stuck with letting him feed himself, so you're doing brilliant I think.

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    Default Re: More finger foods?

    Wonderful, thank you so much!

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