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Thread: is my freezer stash spoiled for my preterm baby?

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    Default is my freezer stash spoiled for my preterm baby?

    My baby was born on the 23rd February, 36 weeks of gestational age. At first he couldn't latch, so I had to use a nipple shield and supplement with expressed milk. When he finally learned to latch, around his due date, I kept pumping for a few weeks, out of fear that his latch was too weak to maintain my milk supply.

    Since then, he has been exclusively breastfed, although we have a few issues (he's very fussy or distracted at the breast, so he only drinks while I walk in a carrier or when he's asleep).
    He is a healthy baby, and a bit big for his age.

    I still have a bit of milk in the freezer, dated between 19th March to of 5th of April, more or less. It was in the freezer attached to my fridge (separate door) for two months, then I moved it to a detached freezer.

    Now I am starting to introduce him to solids, and I like mixing food with a bit of breast milk. I pump about 3-4 oz in the morning. However, I wouldn't want my freezer stash to go to waste, since I might have to go to work in a few weeks, two months earlier than I thought.

    Is it still safe to use my freezer stash? The information I found online says three months for preterm babies, but I think it refers to babies in NICU. Does that apply to older, healthy preemies too?

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    Default Re: is my freezer stash spoiled for my preterm baby?

    I am pretty sure that such extreme precaution is only aimed at babies who are currently in particular danger of opportunistic infection due to having been born very premature. In other words, babies who are either still hospitalized or otherwise requiring very special care to avoid illness-causing bacteria because their body could not fight it off (in the very unlikely event the expressed milk is compromised.) I doubt they would currently or in fact ever have applied to your near term baby who did not require hospitalization. After all you are now offering your child solids, and are not taking any unusual precautions with those I assume?

    Here is a link to current storage guidelines, based on these it sounds like your milk frozen 6 months ago and kept first in separate door freezer compartment of the fridge and then in a separate deep freezer would be entirely fine assuming normally performing appliances and uninterrupted or only briefly interrupted power.


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