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Thread: lots of milk one day, none the next?

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    Default lots of milk one day, none the next?

    I know that we have more milk in the morning than the evening and so on, but can anyone help me understand why I'd have lots of milk some days and none the next? I've noticed that my milk supply seems to ebb and flow. Right now it's low, but in a few days it will be high, then low again...

    As a for instance, Monday morning I was able to pump 8 ounces even though my daughter nursed a few times over night. Yesterday, in spite of her only waking every four hours, I only got 5 ounces. Last night she woke about the same number of times as Monday night, but I only got 3 ounces.

    If she were content it wouldn't be a big deal, but she's fussy and clearly wants more food.

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    Default Re: lots of milk one day, none the next?

    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    Milk production does normally ebb and flow a bit day to day, as it does a bit during any single day. A bit. Not enough to matter or to be a concern in any way.

    It would help us help you to troubleshoot what is actually going on if you provided more information. How old is baby? How many times a day does baby nurse? Is baby gaining normally? Does baby get any supplements (your expressed milk or formula or anything else in a bottle or cup or otherwise not at the breast?) It sounds like you are pumping your milk- was this just to test how much you could get out, or are you pumping for some other reason? Please explain more about pumping if there is more to explain. Are you taking any medications or doing anything else that might interfere with normal milk production? Are you keeping sufficiently hydrated?

    Here are some facts:
    What a mom who is primarily nursing her baby is able to pump in an individual pumping session is not ever an accurate measure of milk production. But you can infer a few things if a mom can pump a substantial amount, and what you can infer is that milk production is either more than enough or enough. Both 8 and 5 ounces are much more than average amounts to be pumping in one session, even for moms who are separated from baby (such as for work) and consequently not nursing for long periods of time. 3 is high normal average for that situation, but more than could typically be expected if mom is with baby and nursing her baby the substantial majority of the time.

    Babies fuss for numerous reasons and most babies will nurse for comfort and fussiness can be alleviated at least somewhat that way, but many other things can also be done if a baby is fussy and nursing is not doing the trick.

    If a baby is gaining normally entirely or almost entirely breastfed, then they are getting enough to eat. Behavior is NOT a good indicator of whether baby is "satisfied" or getting enough. They may want to nurse more (see above point) but that does not mean they literally are not getting enough food.

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