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Thread: Long term clogged duct

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    Hi everyone, I'm desperate. I've had a large clogged duct on my left breast (the size of plum) that has been there for over 2 months. I have read every forum, seen over 7 lactation specialist, seen 3 different doctors, have gotten and mammogram and an ultrasound. I have done the lethacin, poke root, cabbage, showers, cold, hot, dangle feed. you name it- I've done it. It's gotten so bad that I pretty much exclusively pump now. My left breast is noticably twice the size of my right.

    I've been treated for thrush, mastitis, put on antibiotics, steroid cream, even though I never had and symptoms of infections to no avail.

    I have baffled every specialist. The next thing they recommend is draining it but have said that I will probably leak milk from where the needle is inserted until I stop nursing which is not something I want to deal with. Does anyone have any advice?

    My left breast produces barely an ounce after pumping while my right usually produces about 4 per session.

    I am desperate here! It's been months now.

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    Ugh, that sounds awful!

    Do you have any pain or tenderness where the clog is, or is it just a lump that won't go away?

    I'm wondering if it could be a galactocele... They're milk-filled cysts, like clogged ducts that are closed off so they can't drain.

    There's surprisingly little info out there on galactoceles. It sounds like they usually clear up on their own with the hormonal changes that come with weaning, and so aren't usually treated. I can't find any treatment options besides draining with needle-aspiration.

    I found this article on the Exclusively Pumping website: http://exclusivepumping.com/a-pain-i...-galactoceles/

    Does it sounds like that could be what's going on?

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    I had a similar issue about few months back (Its been 3 months now since i noticed the lump. My baby is 5 months old). I checked with my OB/GYN she asked me to get an ultrasound and mammogram done. The mammogram and ultrasound could not decode much except that it was not cancerous. OB/GYN said it was milk buildup and there is no advice for getting it removed. They did not have a name for it, but said that surely it is not a plugged/clogged duct.
    I still have that lump on the right side. I have continued to nurse from that side. It does not hurt, except that i can always feel it is there.
    Doctor was sure it is nothing harmful and will go away with passage of time.

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