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Thread: Determined but worried first time mommy

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    Ps. The video I mean is in this forum under "increasing supply while pumping". It's a really old video about moms with babies in the NICU.
    Ok, so that was information for moms who are only pumping because baby is too ill to nurse. Because pumping is something that tends to be far more exhausting and difficult to do then nursing, no one suggests moms pump as often as a baby typically nurses. For example, the suggestion usually is for mom in that situation to pump 8 times a day while a baby can be expected to nurse 10-15 times a day. So for a mom in that situation, yes it is pretty important she pump her breasts to the point they are more or less "empty" if she wants to have any hope of a normal production, simply because she has to pump so infrequently.

    For your situation, again I am wondering if it has nothing to do with low production but actually that baby just hasn't been nursing quite often enough. Waking baby may be needed, and also encouraging baby to nurse more often when awake or nurse longer. Also I would suggest try avoiding pacifiers, avoiding swaddling, and avoiding having baby sleeping in a different room from you for long periods- all of these are "sleep lengthening" techniques and can cause a baby to sleep too long.

    Here is a good article for increasing milk production while nursing that might fit your situation better: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/
    As DJs mom said your pump output sounds pretty normal. Here is more info on that: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/pumping_decrease/

    breast compressions are also sometimes helpful when there is slow weight gain: https://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/info...t-compression/

    There is not usually a need to worry about putting baby on a schedule, unless you just mean waking baby more to nurse which may be needed if you cannot otherwise get baby to nurse more often overall. Normally babies nurse in clusters and not on some such and such hours schedule. If they are too rigid schedules might cause missed opportunities to nurse.
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