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Thread: BF for 1 minute then unlatching and crying

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    Unhappy BF for 1 minute then unlatching and crying

    Hi!! I'm new here!

    I've read posts related to my problem but haven't seen solutions and I'm kind of desperate.

    BF started to flow for me and my baby past 6 weeks due to a milk blister, and ever since has been complete bliss. Until 2 weeks ago when baby started nursing funny!! She is 3 month and a week old. She will nurse for 1 minute on the breast and then unlatch and cry histerically whilst looking for the nipple, it's very confusing for me I try burping her because she arches her back and gets very stiff when she does this but gas doesn't seem to be the problem. I've read threads of women who get this in the evenings, mine does this all day long!!! I have found nursing while bouncing around helps sometimes (so i thought it was because she gets distracted) but doesn't work everytime plus I'm gonna be backless when this passes if it ever passes!!!

    I would love inputs on this it's very frustrating, our loving, wonderfull nursing sessions have become a war...

    Thank you very much!!

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    Default Re: BF for 1 minute then unlatching and crying

    Many babies start nursing wonky around this age, it is like a stage they go through. Obviously it can be a problem if baby is truly not nursing enough, but also at this age much shorter nursing session can be normal. Not a minute every time though!

    Have you tried changing up nursing positions, like doing laid back position or sidelying?

    Any improvement today?

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    Default Re: BF for 1 minute then unlatching and crying

    Hi Maddie! Thank you so much for responding!!

    No improvement, I figure she's getting enough cause diaper output is good, both number 1 and 2. I'd heard about four month fussies, never thought it could hit sooner, can that be it??? In any case what works is to walk around with baby latch on or find dark and quiet places.....will this be over anytime soon?? We were starting to find some kind of "routine" if that can even be a thing and now its all scrambled up, tho i found out shes fussier when sleepy but refuses to fall asleep on the boob....can it be that she just wants to suck but not get the huge letdown?? Sometimes I give up and give her my finger (she found hers but doesnt seem to like them too much, they give her like gag reflex), but she doesnt take my finger either sometimes, and I really don't like the idea of a pacifier (havent used one so far) but I'm starting to consider it cause it can get really frustrating, I used to know the difference between her boob cues and her sleep cues but since the las growth spurt I don'y know what's happening whatsoever until it's too late and shes dead tired or hangry.

    Really appreciate your input and help!!

    Thank you soooo so much!!
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    Default Re: BF for 1 minute then unlatching and crying

    Yes the 4 month fussies often hit at 3 months. In his excellent book My Child Won't Eat pediatrician Carlos Gonzalez refers to the odd nursing behavior around this age (and the "empty breast" feeling moms often have at around the same time) as the "Crisis at Three Months." FYI the "crisis" is that many moms panic and start unnecessarily supplementing when these usually entirely normal changes occur and that causes a "crisis" because unnecessary supplementing can be so harmful to the breastfeeding relationship.

    Have you tried a knuckle rather than a finger? Some babies like knuckles. Other babies can be 'trained" to suck on their own finger or thumb.
    Pacifiers are ok as long as you know how to use them safely, which basically means, use them sparingly and try to avoid having the pacifier replace nursing sessions. Also continue to encourage baby to nurse for comfort and to sleep rather than using the pacifier for this at least some of the time. Some moms have found getting baby sucking on a pacifier and then switching to breast works.

    Yes cues can get mixed up when baby is fussy and nursing wonky. It never hurts to nurse, and most babies like to nurse to sleep usually, so a sleep cue and a nursing cue are not necessarily different, but when a baby is out of sorts they may ask to nurse and then refuse to nurse. This does not mean you misread a cue but rather that baby is being a baby and this is how babies act sometimes. Also, you can always just offer to nurse first, if baby is not interested try something else, offer to nurse again, and so on.

    Sorry not sure about duration. If this is a 4 month fussy scenario, all I know is it does not last forever and things will even out again as mysteriously as they started getting wonky. Some babies move right from the four month fussy behavior to "regular" distraction behaviors, which are a little more predictable but also frustrating. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it does not, this is also a phase that usually fades away.

    Sorry that was kind of rambling. I am a little tired Hang in there, often this behavior does not last all that long. Keep us updated.

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    Default Re: BF for 1 minute then unlatching and crying

    Hi Maddie!!

    So good to have someone out there listening to my crap, thank you!!
    Ahh love Carlos Gonzalez didn't know he had a book, I'll check it out!! My boobs do feel empty but i figured its because LO is nursing so frequently they dont get the chance to feel full jajaja. In any case, not supplementing, over my dead body. Yes knuckels!! That's what I meant! She looooooooves my knuckles and sometimes will suck on anything she has near, the other day she left a hickie on my husbands forearm but she won't take the binky (yay?) at first I was like well oops she doesn't like the pacifier (to my preassuring in laws and dad) and I secretly felt happy....now I'm like....just take the darn thing so I can go to sleep jeje.

    My main concern now tho is that we have an upcoming trip and we're taking a plane.....and if shes nursing wonky I'm scared she won't take the boob during take off, landing and I'm dreading the whole thing already.

    I'll sure keep you posted! Love feeling supported even if it is virtually!! Thanks again!!

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