I started another thread yesterday but essentially I am feeling really down and depressed and concerned as baby

1. is not efficient at extracting milk. We used to just supplement her with expressed milk or formula to top her up and support her weight gain
2. since 10 days ago, she refuses the bottle. She has had bottle since Day 1-2 (at the hospital). She was happy with it.
Now she cries and screams as soon as she sees it. If she's in a good mood, she will just push her tongue out (defensively) and or leave it in her mouth but not suck.

Yesterday I was so desperate I put it in her mouth and said "Please take it" - I felt bad after this, and anyway she still wouldn't.

We've tried other feeding method eg. tube on breast and finger and she also cries and refuses. It seems that she only wants the breast now. She is on it most of the time and it's so exhausting for me and I'm very worried about her weight gain.

I'm trying to "up" my milk supply (my other challenge) but in the meantime, I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips or experience - and if anyone thinks she will grow back out of bottle refusal.