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    Please help! My left breast is I'm sure not producing milk anymore! It has always been the lazy breast but I now barely feel let down and it doesn't leak as I feed off the right breast. My son is almost 5 months. My right breast produces 6 ounces when pumping so I know he's getting enough from that breast but I don't want to dry up completely on the other side! Is that even possible?

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    It's pretty common for moms to have one breast that produces more than the other, but generally it still produces consistently, if in smaller quantities. The most common reason for one breast to dry up is just that not enough milk has been removed from it for a long period of time, and increasing the demand with more frequent removal can usually increase the supply.

    Do you get anything from the left side when you pump?

    Is your baby willing to nurse on that side, or does he find it too frustrating?

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