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Thread: Metallic taste to frozen breastmilk

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    Default Metallic taste to frozen breastmilk

    I have been pumping and freezing excess milk for the last 2 weeks

    I thawed out my oldest expressed milk from the freezer which was 2 weeks old to test it- it had a metallic taste which was strong but not terrible, and my LO still took it

    I suspect I have an excess lipase problem

    Considering that my LO doesn't mind the metallic taste, I'm weighing up between continuing to pump and freeze or scalding the milk and compromise the nutritional value.

    As I'm going back to work at 3 months, my goal is to build up a supply as I won't have time to routinely pump at work- hardly have time to have lunch myself!

    My question is to people who have experienced this- will the metallic taste continue to increase the longer it is kept in the freezer?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Metallic taste to frozen breastmilk

    I don't know if it's lipsase. Excess lipsase- the kind that is problematic usually smells like puke. And the baby won't take it. If your baby will take the milk? I don't think there is a problem. I wouldn't scald. BUT I think you need to try to carve out time every day to pump if you don't want to lose your supply. It can happen very quickly if you aren't removing milk regularly during the day. And your supply is still really vulnerable at the 3 month point. A freezer stash is meant to make up any shortfalls you have pumping milk you need every day to feed your baby while you are gone. Which for 8hrs is usually 8-12 ozs. So say you the 1st day that you leave for work you leave your baby 12oz from your freezer supply. And during that 1st day you only pump 10 oz. Your baby drinks all 12 that you leave. You'd leave your fresh milk for the next day and then supplement out of your freezer supply 2oz. There is no reasonable amount of freezer stash that will cover you simply not pumping every day. You will go thru 40-60oz of milk a week. I encourage you to work with your HR dept to determine how you can take pumping breaks. Which by law they have to give you. You do need to pump to maintain supply and it can't be sporadically.

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