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Thread: Baby is now in daycare..not pumping enough

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    Default Baby is now in daycare..not pumping enough


    I am new here. I work from home and have kept my son home with me until a couple of weeks ago when he was able to crawl and it was hard for me to get the amount of work done that my boss requires (he is 7 months old). I haven't pumped really since his second month (I wanted to regulate to the amount he needed and thought added pumping was a bit much). The first two weeks were not bad and I was able to pump about 3 oz each time. But now I am pumping and feeding at 7 am (get 1.5 oz) then again pump at 9 (get 1 oz) 11 am (get .5 oz) 1 pm (get .5 oz) and then I pick up my son at 2 and nurse him on demand until his bed time and any wake ups during the night. I also pump at 10 pm (1 oz) and 3 am (1 oz). However, I am barely making enough for his daycare bottles holding 3 oz each. I am going to try new pump parts today but I wouldn't think 2 weeks of using the pump would wear the pump parts already. Please any help or advise would help- I do not want to formula feed him (couldn't breastfeed my oldest).


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    Have you had your pump checked out?

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    When does he leave for Daycare? I couldn't tell that from your post. I get that you pick him up at 2pm. When does he leave the house?

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