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Thread: Decreasing supply (pregnant) & frustrated toddler

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    Default Decreasing supply (pregnant) & frustrated toddler


    I'm 10 weeks pregnant and my 21 month old is starting to notice that my supply is decreasing. He's sucking really hard and pulling away with his head, which really hurts my already sore nipples! Then he lets go and cries, tries again, etc. After the second nipple, he points to it and babbles a "question" to me. I offer water and he cries, trying to nurse again.

    I guess I'm kinda hoping that he'll be okay with "dry" nursing because he is so attached to nursing right now. I don't want him to be sad! We both cherish this time together (he is otherwise not much of a cuddler).

    Thanks for any insight or suggestions you have!

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    Default Re: Decreasing supply (pregnant) & frustrated toddler

    Hi, I think this is just a time will tell type situation! I suggest the book Adventures in Tandem Nursing for more on nursing when pregnant and mother's stories.

    Generally the more inviting the breast is, the more likely baby/child will continue to nurse even if there is little milk. Usually this means, encourage child to nurse, do not have lots of limits. However of course many moms find nursing when pregnant so uncomfortable they have to set limits. Certainly that was my experience. So I would suggest try setting needed limits as gently as possible.

    For the pain, see if you can get your child to open wider, try different positions, nurse more gently (I used to ask him to "nurse slower" as that is what my son understood.) You can try Deep breathing/daydream/fantasize/meditate/read etc to get your mind off the pain.

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