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    I'm a teacher preparing to go back to work in two weeks. My 9 month old son has been EBF and had no problem with pumped milk in a bottle last school year. He's been nursed all summer, with the exception of one weekend that I was out of town. He had no problems with the bottle that weekend, but is now refusing it. He eats solids three times per day and typically nurses four times per day. I need advice on getting him adjusted to the bottle for when I go back to work in a few weeks!

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    By this age many children do better with a sippy cup. Others can be fed with an open cup. If baby is only nursing 4 times a day total, lower than typical, I am not sure how much he is relying on breastmilk, maybe he is getting what he needs elsewhere.

    Also, depending on your schedule, I wonder if you could continue to nurse baby that many times when you are home and he just have solids when you are apart, with any expressed breastmilk more as his 'drink" that he has with this solids?

    If you think a bottle is necessary and would like tips specifically for that, it might help to know what exactly is going on when the bottle is offered. Is he visibly upset just seeing a bottle, or just turning his head away but not upset, mouthing or chewing the nipple but not taking any milk, taking a little milk then stopping...etc. Any specifics might help. Also when are bottles offered?

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