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    I've been back to work full time for almost 2 months now. My 8 month old daughter has been EBF since birth and we started doing BLW when she turned 6 months which has been going well. My husband is a teacher and since he is off for the summer he has been bringing her to me at work every day where I get an hour lunch break and I breastfeed her and spend time with her (and him) during that hour. We have hired a nanny for the mornings that my husband coaches and we are planning on keeping her full time once my husband starts back to teaching (in about 3 weeks). The nanny said she would be happy to continue taking my daughter to me at lunchtimes. I love the idea of continuing with this setup, my only concern is her napping. Because of the lunchtime visits, she ends up either napping in the car on the way to me, with me while nursing during the hour, or in the car on the way home. Her car naps are usually only 30 min. I'm not sure if her afternoon naps would be better or longer if she was able to sleep in her crib at home. I'm loving our bonding and nursing time at work though. Thoughts?

    To add, we bedshare at night and she nurses as much as she wants then as well as in the mornings and evenings when I'm at home. She takes between 4-6 oz of pumped milk total from the bottle in between seeing me (I pump at work once in the morning and once in the afternoon). Weekends I don't pump and we just enjoy nursing.

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    I would suggest, especially since you enjoy this time, do not give up your lunch time bonding and nursing time over a nap concern. Babies usually sleep as much as they need, in fact try to stop them from doing so! There is no particular reason that naps have to be any specific length and of course where they happen is not important at all as long as baby is safe and the caregiver aware of baby. Plus the fact, nap times (when they happen, how long, and how many) usually change several times over time anyway.

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    Thank you for the reassurance!

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