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Thread: Urgent. Need. Help. Refusing to suck

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    My LO is refusing to suck at breast. He's 6 weeks old. It has been a battle all day today to get him to eat to satisfy his hunger as he wanted to stay attached all day. This evening (after my husband gave him a bottle) he doesn't want to latch. Even though his showing hunger signs. Help. What do I do? Do I give a bottle or keep trying to latch him. (He's screaming and I'm crying in desperation)

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    Hi, I would suggest give baby a little milk in the bottle (or better, in a syringe or open cup) and after baby is calmer, try nursing again. By a little milk, I mean one to two ounces. Continue to offer to nurse frequently, and also nurse at earliest cues, because once baby is frantic they can find it very hard to latch. Keep giving baby a little milk in a cup, syringe or bottle if needed- do not try to make baby hungry to get them to nurse. If by the morning your baby is still not latching, I suggest call a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and get in person help asap. and if that is not possible, call a breastfeeding peer counselor (like LLL Leader) and see if they can help. It is unusual for a baby to up and start refusing to latch at this age, so I think seeing someone in person to get more eyes on the problem makes the most sense.

    Also, if baby will not nurse you need to pump about every 3 hours. If you do not have a pump, hand express.

    I am happy to try troubleshooting with you on here, but I would need way more info. Let me know.

    Baby won't nurse tips: http://kellymom.com/ages/newborn/nb-...ack-to-breast/

    Cup feeding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCyWvcsdYOE

    syringe feeding and other ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrrrC5NyNnQ
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