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Thread: 11 mo won't take a bottle after being on vacation

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    Default 11 mo won't take a bottle after being on vacation

    My 11 mo has been back at daycare after a week and a half and is refusing her bottles. I breastfed her almost exclusively while we were away. She had two bottles but did not finish them. Yesterday she only had 1 5oz bottle when she normally has 3 (plus two breastfeedings - 1 upon waking and 1 before bed). Today she has refused her 1st bottle at daycare. While we were away her feedings during the day were short with two long feedings (upon waking and before bed). I am wondering if its a combo of being on vacation and not using a bottle that much and then her starting to wean. She take a sippy cup with a straw just fine with water. In fact she drank a lot from it while we were on the airplane and out west since it was 90+ degrees every day. Any suggestions on what I should do for the next month or so until I can stop breastfeeding?

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    Default Re: 11 mo won't take a bottle after being on vacation

    Hi. An 11 month old not taking a bottle but happy with a sippy cup just sounds like a child who has outgrown a bottle, (or just temporarily not liking the bottle) - I do not see how it has anything to do with breastfeeding. In other words, you might wean (I assume you mean weaning from the breast) and your child still refuse a bottle. Maybe I am not understanding the problem...if her milk intake is down at daycare because she will not drink breastmilk from the sippy cup, is that really a problem? She is (presumably) eating solids and drinking water, as well as nursing when with you, and maybe that is all she needs?

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