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Thread: Swollen Montgomery gland

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    I have a swollen Montgomery gland the size of a pea on the top edge of my nipple. Not only is it incredibly painful but baby (1week) has difficulty latching and cries like crazy when on that side, hard to get him going. What can I do to treat it? What can i do to get him nursing on that side?

    Thank you!

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    Hi, I resounded to your other post...I am confused...I assumed you were in pain on both sides. Are you just in pain on one side? In that case, can you do what I suggest in that post but only on the painful side, and still nurse the non-painful side?

    I also still think you should see an IBCLC as they can help baby get a more comfortable latch and more firmly identify what is going on. With a baby this age this could be anything.

    Have you tried reversing babies latch? (Pull baby over your shoulder to nurse, or something else that changes the direction of the latch?

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