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Thread: Feel breast milk chunky coming out

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    Hi does anyone know what could be wrong with me? My milk has been super thick and i can feel random chuncks coming out when i am breastfeeding. Its very uncomfortable i can feel it move from my ducts all the way out. My baby doesnt like it and notices. I pumped yesterday just to see and i saw clumps come out of like thick milk. If any gets stuck in my nipple it hurts.

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    This might indicate that you simply have more fatty milk- some moms do- although that is not typically something that would bother the nursing baby and I am not sure I have heard of it being uncomfortable for mom... Another possibility is that your milk is 'sitting' in the breasts too long, causing a fat buildup, this could happen for a few reasons and could lead to multiple issues.

    When did this start? How old is baby and how many times in 24 hours is baby nursing (and if you pump regularly, how many times in 24 hours do you pump?) Is baby gaining normally? fast? Slowly? Do you feel 'softened' after baby nurses? Are there ever long stretches of time between nursing or pumping? Have you noticed any plugged ducts lately? Do you tend to get 'full" quickly?

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