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Thread: Breastfeeding & hair dye

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    Default Breastfeeding & hair dye

    With the holidays coming up, I want to dye my hair. Does hair dye affect the milk due to the chemicals it contains?

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    I have been dying my hair form dirty dark blonde to black for years... But when I got pregnant, I had to stop, and my yucky natural color came back. Then I asked the pediatrician if I could dye it again after DD was born, and she said it isn't worth the risk of the chemicals passing through.

    But I asked this same question here on this board once, and the articles provided [if I remember correctly] stated that you can and that it is not believed to be harmful... I still have been afraid to do it, but the info LLL provides is trustworthy and reputable. Hopefully someone will post a link to the info for you.


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    Default Re: Breastfeeding & hair dye

    Hope this helps....http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/hair.html Kellymom.com has some info too. I dye my hair about every 2-3 mo without problems.

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