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Thread: 5 month old so gassy!

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    Default 5 month old so gassy!

    My five month old is exclusively breastfed, and is gaining weight well. He's on the 91st percentile for weight. He's a super happy baby, developmentally fine, always smiling. Breastfeeding is going great. My only concern is that he only poops once a week, sometimes once a fortnight, and he's awfully gassy. He's constantly doing really loud farts that wake him up, and he stinks!
    Is this likely to be something in my diet? Is the infrequent pooping normal? He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort. He just smells so bad, it's like nursing Pepe Le Pew

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    Default Re: 5 month old so gassy!

    Hi mistycup, welcome to the forum.

    Your baby is probably gassy because he poops once every one or 2 weeks. For an adult or a child who eats mostly solid food, pooping that infrequently would probably signal a (probably minor) problem. But for the breastfed baby over a month old, it is 100% normal, as your baby is showing you by not being uncomfortable or in any pain. My youngest once went (at least) 21 days without pooping.

    Also, some babies just have smellier gas than others even with the identical, breastmilk-only diet. I discovered this with one of mine...I won't say which one!

    No, your baby's gas or pooping infrequency is NOT likely to be related to something in your diet. That is not how it works.

    Sounds like you have a healthy, happy baby there. Maybe some air freshener will help! But I would not worry unless he starts talking in a French accent and chasing after accidentally painted cats.

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