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    I'm trying to make sure my (7 mos) pregnant friend be successful in her breastfeeding journey - and would like to ask on her behalf - how to get rid of warts on nipple area and how would that affect her breastfeeding efforts?

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    Are these warts or skin tags? Skin tags forming on the nipple during pregnancy is common and I recall my OB telling me "baby will just suck them off." Well that must have happened, in any case, they were gone shortly after giving birth. They caused no issues with nursing.

    Any removal of true warts from the nipple is a discussion to have with a doctor, probably a dermatologist. I imagine that the typical methods for getting rid of warts would probably be very painful and possibly injurious if used on the nipple or areola.

    Depending on the size, placement and sensitivity of the warts, I suppose they could cause a painful latch, but I think that unlikely.

    As far as I can tell from looking quickly online, warts (or rather, the viruses that cause them) are not contagious from oral contact, and I guess that would include breastfeeding but please note I have not found anything specific on that point nor can I vouch for the accuracy of what I found, although it comes from those who profess to be in the medical professions.

    This is different from sores caused by herpes (and that can spread to the breast) which are very contagious and even dangerous for a brand newborn, and baby should not even touch those sores, although breastfeeding can continue if active sores can be covered. But again that is a precaution for sores, and, as far as I can tell, not warts.

    However, the info out there is sparse as regards breastfeeding and warts, and I would suggest your friend talk to a IBCLC to see if she can dig up more specific info. I say talk to an IBCLC because unless a doctor is both breastfeeding knowledgeable and supportive, I fear they would tell your friend not to nurse without even bothering to check out the facts. I have just seen that happen too many times.

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