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Thread: Getting off the pump

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    Default Getting off the pump

    How do I eliminate my pumping session after feeds without getting mastitis or other problems?

    Also how do I get off the milk increasing supplement?

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    Hi and welcome! Sorry there is not enough info in your question for us to answer you with any specifics. Have you been working with a lactation consultant?

    If you have been trying to increase your milk production by pumping and taking supplements, and your production is now normal, and baby will nurse with good effectiveness and good frequency, then generally you could simply gradually reduce how often/how long you pump and go by how you feel. If you start to feel full, see first if baby will nurse again, then if needed, try to alleviate it with a little hand expression, then try pumping if needed.

    As far as the supplement, it depends what it is. If it is a prescription medication you better ask your doctor. If it is an herbal supplement, again a gradual reduction and see how it goes is probably the safest option.

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