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Thread: uneven milk production

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    Default uneven milk production

    I know it is pretty common for production to be different on each side (and some babies prefer one side to the other...) In my case one breast (right)produces more than enough- and as a result my 2 mo. old chokes and sputters at the forceful let down. She usually doesn't feed long enough to completely drain this right breast either. The other side (left) does not seem to produce very much at all and she is always pulling off and acting frustrated even only a few minutes into nursing. When I pump (only for convenience when we are out an about) the left side barely barley gives any, while the other side pumps more than 4 oz. So...I don't know what to do but it is frustrating to me because she gets so mad when feeding on the left side because it seems like the milk isn't coming. Any help on how to increase production on this side without increasing the other??

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    My LO prefered the right (almost 6 months now) and that side has always produced more milk. I noticed this a lot in the beginning, but now not so much. I guess I just kept switching at each feeding and she eventually took the left side. We now nurse equally on both sides, but the right still produces a little more.

    Not sure if this helped or not!

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