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Thread: Pumping and sleep help

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    Default Pumping and sleep help

    Our baby starts with a sitter in less than a month. Right now I am nursing to sleep for every nap. My husband tries to bounce her to sleep like he used to be able to do, but now every time he sets her down she cries. I am getting worried about whether the sitter will be able to get her to nap. She will have her 8-4 M-F.

    What can we do to prepare her? She is 9 months old and teething, going through a sleep regression and also very clingy. I want to continue nursing to sleep at night, but maybe it would be best if she learns to be rocked to sleep and set down for naps?

    On a side note, I have been trying to pump to stockpile for going back to work, and if for some reason I had to stop nursing. I used to be able to pump ok, but now I usually get barely an ounce, with a lot of squeezing and pressing. I tried all the tricks- relaxing, drinking a glass of water, looking at pictures of baby, thinking of her crying or nursing. It doesn't seem to help. Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Pumping and sleep help

    I think you can let the sitter figure out how to get your baby to sleep and give them the time and space to learn your baby. Every one with any sense and experience in caring for babies knows that how mom gets baby to sleep is going to be different than what they need to do and will have several methods to try.

    All behaviors you mention sound very normal for a 9 month old. You want to continue to nurse baby at night, and certainly your baby also wishes this. I do not see the point in taking this comforting and loving practice away from the two of you just on the off chance it would help with daytime sleep when your child is with a sitter. It could just as easily not help at all or even make things worse.

    Have you made sure pump is in perfect working condition, changed membranes, changed flange size, etc?

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