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Thread: Weaning? Nursing Strike? Something else?

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    As a working mom, I only nurse once a day first thing in the morning. The rest of the time I am pumping milk and baby gets formula while at daycare and for his evening feedings (in addition to solids). I have struggled with low supply since the beginning so at this point, Baby nurses in the morning and has one 4-5oz breast milk bottle in the evening.

    For the past week or so, Baby has been refusing to nurse in the morning. He still takes his formula and breast milk bottles. He is only 9 months old, so I don't think he could be weaning already. Could something be wrong with my breasts? He has had Croup... not sure if that could be part of it. Could it just be that he now prefers the ease of bottles?

    Everything I read says to keep offering my breast but it's getting disheartening to try again and again every morning to just have him turn away and wiggle out of my arms. How long should I continue to try?

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    Hi haley.c.ayres.

    if your baby is ill, that would be something that might trigger a strike. Also 9 months is a very typical age for a baby to go on a strike. But I think in this case, there is probably more to it.

    When a baby who has been nursing very infrequently stops nursing at all, the problem is probably not only that they are spontaneously weaning or going on a strike. Gradually reducing nursing sessions down to very few per day is basically how one weans a baby from the breast. Because you have had to bottle feed so much and so baby has only been nursing one time a day, basically the result, however inadvertent, is that over time, baby has been weaned from the breast. I would not call this bottle preference, perhaps baby would have preferred to nurse, but if baby is primarily bottle fed and only rarely breastfed in comparison, I think what is most likely is baby has just taken the next logical step on his own, not because he prefers bottles to the breast, but basically because he has been trained away from the breast.

    Of course this does NOT mean baby will not nurse again, he well may, but I think you are going to want to think about offering to nurse much more often in order to encourage baby to nurse not only for food but also for comfort. And if baby does start nursing again, continue encouraging baby to nurse much more often, or the same thing is likely to happen again. If you would like ideas for juggling more frequent nursing with bottles and pumping, please let us know, we would need a little more info about how many bottles baby gets per day and how much formula or breastmilk is in each, and how many times per day you are currently pumping and about how much you typically pump in a day. Also how baby is doing with solids and how baby is gaining overall.

    This article is a good one with many ideas for encouraging a baby back to the breast. You may have to try several ideas many times each to see what works. http://kellymom.com/?s=baby+won%27t+nurse
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