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    Hello! I'm EBF my 7 week old. I have an oversupply, so I only pump when the baby gets a bottle (so she can get used to it). I am going on a trip in a couple months over a long weekend. When/how much should I pump so that the baby has enough to eat during my time away from her? TIA!

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    Hi dcs123. I would suggest figure out about how much you will need to leave and then work backwards from there. For example.

    The average daily intake for a breastfed baby of 1 month or older is 25-35 ounces per 24 hour day.

    So if the separation is for 3 entire days - 72 hours, baby can be presumed to need between about 70 and 100 ounces total.

    So, in that case, say you have 2 months (60 days) to pump the 100 ounces. If you have op, then when you pump you probably get at least 2-3 ounces, right? In that case, you could plan to pump once a day and have enough in 35-50 days. But it is also possible that pump output will decrease as your milk production reduces to more accurately meet your baby's need. So I think pumping once a day about 2-3 ounces each day would make sense for those numbers and increase if necessary. You want to avoid pumping too much to avoid making your overproduction problematic.

    This way you are leaving some cushion in time so that when there are days you cannot pump etc. there will still be enough milk for you to go on your trip. Even if you did not have quite 100 ounces it would probably be fine- remember that would represent the max baby might need.

    That leaves the question of "practice bottles." Every time baby gets a bottle when you are there to nurse, you are increasing your work load, kwim? You will have to pump another time (aside when you pump for the trip stash) for that practice bottle. So I would suggest, keep in mind that practice bottles are for practice and can be both very small (an ounce or so) and less frequent- 2 times a week or so.

    And do not forget you will have to pump while you are away! Bring extra pump parts and learn hand expression as a backup. And make sure caregiver understand how to do paced bottle feeding to avoid overfeeding. This should also be done for any practice bottles. Let me know if you want more info.

    No way you can take baby with you I suppose? With a care giver perhaps? Many moms find that the easier solution.

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