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Thread: Block feeding to correct oversupply/ Forceful letdown

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    Default Block feeding to correct oversupply/ Forceful letdown

    I talked to a lactation specialist that told me to block feed (my baby eats every 2 hrs) to help with my oversupply and forceful letdown. My baby is almost 7 weeks and has gained almost 1lb per week, recently he's been spitting up a lot when he feeds, just opens his mouth and milk pours out. He seems fussier than usual and I have been giving him gas relief. His bms are very explosive, runny and yellow. I'm just wondering if block feeding will help my issues, so far it's been 4 days and I have seen a little improvement but not too much

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    Default Re: Block feeding to correct oversupply/ Forceful letdown

    Block feeding reduces milk production- but while it is being done it may worsen the issue of fast letdown, at least at first. This is because fast letdown increases the longer milk sits in the breast and you have to let milk sit in the breasts for longer in order to "block" a breast. So if for example baby is nursing every 2 hours, and you are blocking each breast for 4 hours, every time you switch, baby may be getting the same or even more flow than they did before- even if your milk production is beginning to reduce.

    About 6 weeks is the typical peak of milk production and after that, assuming mom makes more than enough, her production will begin to reduce on its own. So one strategy would be the forget block nursing, nurse more frequently or as frequently as baby will but maybe one side at a time, and see if that helps with the flow while your milk production naturally reduces over time.

    If you want to keep block nursing, you can still encourage baby to nurse frequently, so that only when baby switches to the "blocked" side will the flow be fast.

    The issues you are seeing are temporary and not hurting your baby. It is normal for babies to spit up and some spit up a great deal. it is very normal for newborn babies to have lots of gas, even some painful gas, explosive poop- none of this is unusual for this age and it will reduce overtime even if you do nothing.

    It is important to understand that there are cautions one should take when block nursing. Here is a good article about that: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/artic...=Block+Feeding

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