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Thread: 6 week old spends less time BFing suddenly & foamy poo?

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    Default 6 week old spends less time BFing suddenly & foamy poo?

    Hi, all! I'm so confused with what my daughter has been doing lately. A few days ago, she had a day where she would feed every 6 hours instead of her normal 3-4. After that day she went back to feeding every 4 hours or so, but with less hunger cues. She went from feeding 40-45 minutes to 15-20 minutes and also went from feeding on one side until I switched her to refusing to nurse on one side after 8-10 minutes. She will spit out the nipple, cry and pull away if I try to get her to latch back on to that side and isn't satisfied until I put her on the other side. Also noticing nighttime is the worst with fussiness at the breast! I don't believe I'm overproducing since I see no signs of that and I consistently get the same amount when pumping at the same time each day. Expressed milk looks the same as far as fat content too. I've also noticed since she's started this new feeding ritual, she's been more fussy and has had foamy, yellow poo. It's the same color as always, is seedy and looks the same in her diapers. I only noticed it was foamy since she pooed while she was naked before a bath. I read that this could be a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, but I've also read in some places that it would be green as well. Anyone have any insight or tips? I know that both she and my body will become more efficient in feeding and the time at the breast will shorten, but does this happen so suddenly? I've been so confident in breastfeeding until now and I'm getting worried. HELP!

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    Default Re: 6 week old spends less time BFing suddenly & foamy poo?

    So baby has never wanted to nurse more often than every 3-4 hours, even when offered? Has weight gain been normal?

    As a baby gets better at transferring milk and moms milk production increases over the first several weeks, babies do tend to nurse shorter periods, and even 8-10 minutes for a whole nursing session could be entirely normal. But I agree that nursing every 6 hours is much too little for a 6 week old baby. More common at this age is more like 10 times in 24 hours or more.

    I would suggest do not worry at all about fat content or anything else about the 'quality' of your milk, and I know of no reason to be worried about 'foamy' poop that other wise looks entirely normal. There is a wide range of normal look for infant poop, if a poop is truly problematic, it is very obvious.

    Also fussiness at the breast is rarely anything to worry about. The only thing you report that sounds unusual to me is the low nursing frequency. But that could be normal too (as long as baby nurses at least 6-8 times in 24 hours.) If your baby is gaining well, probably no worries. But often a baby will nurse more often overall if they are offered. No need to wait for cues. Also it does not have to be every such and such hours but rather when you feel like it, with baby nursing more often some parts of the day. Encouraging baby to nurse overall more often certainly cannot hurt.

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