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Thread: Galactocele?

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    Default Galactocele?

    Apologies if this isn't in the right place!

    I saw my OB today for a large breast lump that used to be a clogged duct but has not gone away and grown in size. She didn't know much but thinks it's a galactocele and referred me for an ultrasound and consult with the breast surgeon. Of course they can't see me until next week.

    From reading online this seems fairly uncommon. People can leave it as is or get it drained - but draining seems to risk it filling again and/or infection.

    Does anyone know anything about what I can do to treat this other than draining it? Are there any home remedies? I'm managing the pain from the weight of the cyst with Advil. I'm also heating, massaging, taking lecithin, and a million other things. I'm hoping someone will miraculously have a cure - or at the very least have had this and can tell me what route they took. Thanks!!

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    I think draining it is different than what a surgeon will do. If you go under the knife I believe they will remove the tissue that would re-fill if you just drained it. And it may be less common because of the cost and also...you may have to go under to get that done and there is always a risk with that and a lot of people prefer not to do that if they don't have to. I think the ultrasound is a good idea as is the lecithin.

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    Thanks. Yeah I definitely don't want to go under. But apparently draining it can just lead it to fill up and again and again. I hope I can just leave it as is and deal without it getting bigger :/

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