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Thread: Breastfeeding and pumping at work 20 month old

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    Default Breastfeeding and pumping at work 20 month old

    I have a 20 month old who loves breastfeeding.
    She breast feeds every morning when she wakes up, before I got to work, right when I get home from work and at bedtime.
    When I am home on the weekends, she breast feeds on demand, usually 6-12 times per day.
    I have noticed in the last few months, the amount of milk I get when I pump is way down.
    On a typical work day, about gone a total of 8-10 hours, I pump twice and get about 3 oz of milk total.
    When I used to pump, I would get 3 oz every time I pump.
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Any concerns that my supply is going down?
    Or, is this just adjustment to how much milk she she needs?

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding and pumping at work 20 month old

    Hi ann4105

    So both of these is possible and likely.
    Any concerns that my supply is going down?
    Or, is this just adjustment to how much milk she she needs?
    That is how it works...as baby gradually eats more and more solids, they need less and less milk, and production gradually decreases. This happens even if baby is nursing often because as baby eats more and more solids they take in less and less milk as thye nurse. In a biologically normal scenario where baby can nurse as much as baby wishes, this is a very gradual process that takes many months, in fact probably at least a year or 2 or even longer. It is gradual.

    The question would be is this process moving along to the point it is bothering you or baby? For example, it is irritating when you nurse because you feel "empty" or you think baby is not happy nursing because there is not "enough" or something like that. If for any reason you think you would like to increase production, that can often be done by making sure you are staying well hydrated at all times, encouarging baby to nurse more often and/or pumping more often, or by taking a galactagogue. Of course you want to research that first as you would any medicinal herb.) As a personal example, when my youngest was about 18 months I started feeling "low." She already nursed a great deal so in my case it made sense to take herbal galactagogues and it seemed to help.

    As far as pump output, it is not typically very accurate to judge production by what you can express when you pump. But I would suggest make sure to regularly trouble shoot your pump if you are using that to ensure a certain level of milk production when separated from baby. Many moms find that they need to adjust flange size as well.

    If you are at a point you would like to stop pumping at work, that is another possibility. There may be a hit to your milk production if you do that, but again it would depend on the individual situation how much and how much it would matter to you or your baby as far as nursing goes. I would suggest maybe try reducing how often you pump at work gradually if you decide to stop or reduce pumping at work.
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