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Thread: I'm so depressed, I think I will never have enough milk

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    She said it would be a miracle to have a full supply at this point. That after 6 weeks your supply is established and won't increase much more.
    I have to say that given how old your baby is and given the amount your baby is needing to be supplemented, I am not surprised that your LC said it was unlikely you would ever have a "full" production. I do not agree with the "6 weeks supply is established" thing, that is overly general and basically incorrect. Because milk production can be increased at any point- however, substantial gains are certainly much less likely the older baby gets. On the other hand, a baby who no longer relies on breastmilk for all their nutrition no longer needs mom to make as much as when baby is a newborn. A well gaining baby who is both over 6 months and eating solids well may well not need quite as much milk as the younger baby. So some moms find that they catch up that way...they make a little more and baby needs a little less. But when a mom has low milk production, in many cases the amount more that she needs to make to have a so -called "full" production is not a large amount. When it is a larger amount, of course it becomes more difficult.

    But also, this is not taking into account being able to get pharmaceutical galactagogues that are generally as effective as domperidone. I wonder how much experience your LC has with that? I would suggest contact Jack Newman, he has been prescribing domperidone in his clinic for a long time and he may have more info for you. Moms here have reported receiving answers when they e-mail him and if that does not work I think he is on facebook. If you contact him make sure you mention the pumping issues. I still wonder what has been going on there.

    So if you believe you will never be able to have a full production, the question is what to do now. I would suggest allow yourself time to grieve this and also it is perfectly normal and in my opinion, healthy to recognize where and when you have been failed by the people who should have been helping you.

    But then what? You will get over it. I promise you. Time is the great healer, and you have to get over it for the sake of your child. Parenting is very long and there are new challenges all the time that will take all your focus. Worrying over what happened in the past will not change the past and takes you out of the present. And little babies and kids live completely in the present and they need you there with them. But you can certainly learn from what has happened to you and use it going forward.

    Also again as I posted above- please know there are many scenarios where a mother and baby enjoy a nursing relationship without a full milk production or baby "exclusively" nursing. I again suggest the book Making More Milk. It has many supportive thoughts and ideas for moms who are not able to have a full milk production.
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