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    May I know what does milk regulation mean to my milk supply? Does this mean that for example, I power pump to increase my supply and it worked, it will be just temporary and it will go back to where my milk regulated?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    As far as I know, all "milk regulation" means is it is a term used to explain what happens in the normal course of lactation where a mother's daily milk production increases for the first 5-6 weeks (and is getting a hormonal surge to make that happen) after which milk production no longer needs to increase, (because a one month old baby and a 6 month old need about the same amount of milk each day total) so it doesn't. This does not mean milk production can not be increased beyond this point, if needed and if given the right stimulation, it can.

    As far as your specific question...if for example a mom with low production power pumped, and after that her milk production met her baby's needs, and her baby was nursing with enough frequency and effectiveness to get enough milk to gain normally, then that should be all that is needed to maintain that level of milk production. Enough for baby. On the other hand, if for example, a mom wanted to make more than enough for some reason, then she would have to keep pumping often enough to keep giving the body the message to make that much milk.

    That is all I can say generally. I would need more info to speak to your situation in particular.

    Also, power pumping is one of many methods for increasing milk production. The most effective way to increase milk production is to increase the frequency and effectiveness of milk removal. Power pumping certainly does this, and many LCs find it works well. But there is no actual evidence that power pumping as a milk production increasing technique works better than other methods that involve increasing the frequency and effectiveness of milk removal. It sounds like you are concerned about maintaining a "power pumping" regimen, so that is why I am pointing out that there may be other paths to more milk that would fit into your schedule/lifestyle better.

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