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Thread: 2 month old not staying latched!

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    Default 2 month old not staying latched!

    Hi all!

    My 3rd baby is 2 months old. I exclusively breastfeed her. She's been a stellar nurser up until a couple days ago.
    Unless she is dead asleep, she will latch on and immediately unlatch and relatch, over and over. She shakes her head and flails her arms and legs all around when she does this. It's like she can't relax. My older 2 would do something kind of like this when teething, but they were much older and still wanted to nurse. She will do this over and over and after a while I have to give myself and her a break. She doesn't cry, in fact she will grin at me when she makes eye contact with me. She doesn't seem to be in pain, she just acting wild at the breast all of a sudden. It's making me crazy and my boobs hurt from being so full! I don't want to pump any because I tend to overproduce, if I do my boobs will go into overdrive. I just want a normal feed from her!

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    Default Re: 2 month old not staying latched!

    Is baby exclusively breastfed, no bottles or pacifiers? sometimes this is caused by artificial nipple use.

    Do you have a fast letdown and is baby responding to that maybe? If you alleviate that (maybe by hand expressing a little before baby nurses) does it help at all? (There are other ways to alleviate fast letdown too- encouraging baby to nurse often, nursing leaning back with baby "on top." That positioning can also help for various reasons if baby tends to pop off the nipple.

    Another thought is that this sounds like behavior you commonly see with 3 and 4 month olds- some call it distraction, others call it the four month fussies, etc. It is a normal developmental period and is usually not a problem, if a bit frustrating for mom. I see no reason why a 2 month old might display not the same normal nursing behavior in some instances.

    But yes you do want to try to avoid getting uncomfortably full. Can you hand express just enough to be comfortable when this happens? If not, maybe pump but again, just enough to relieve the pressure?

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