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Thread: Crying and pulling away during breastfeeding

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    My 4 week old daughter nurses for approximately 5 minutes or less and then pulls away screaming. She has nursed well up until a day or so ago. I try to calm her and put him back on but then she will latch on for maybe a minute more and we go through the whole thing again. Sometimes when she lets go he kicks his legs and arms and waggles his head all around. She seems to nuse better during the night. She will take a bottle of my expressed milk with few issues or occasionally she will grimace and pull away from the bottle, but usually no issue.

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    Hi and welcome!

    Is there some particular reason your baby is getting bottles? Bottles can cause several problems when given in the early weeks. Sometimes they are needed, but then it is important to keep them to the minimum needed, and usually best to use paced bottle technique when giving a breastfed baby a bottle.

    Also, pumping is a source of some issues, including overproduction, and I am wondering if that might be contributing to your baby's behavior at the breast.

    So 4 weeks is the point that milk production is peaking in most moms. This means that many times around the age, mom actually makes more milk than baby needs. This can be fine, of course, but in some cases can lead to the milk coming so fast baby objects. This is called fast letdown or forceful letdown.

    But the major problems with OP is that it can sometimes cause a myriad of problems for mom, from mild discomfort to mastitis.

    So, do your think your milk flow might be part of the issue? If so, I would suggest encouraging baby to nurse very frequently, (to avoid milk building up in the breasts.)And adopt a position where you lean back a bit and baby is more on top of you (and/or, nurse sidelying) and see if those things help baby handle the flow better. Also, stop pumping or reduce pumping for now.

    You may hear block feeding (to reduce milk production) suggested for this problem. But unless the OP is very problematic, it is probably not a good idea to block feed at this point. If you would like more info on block feeding let me know.

    If you do not think fast flow is the problem, please let me know and we can troubleshoot more if you like.

    Paced bottle feeding: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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