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    So I had to switch to exclusively pumping since my 2mo old will not latch and chokes and spits up like crazy while using a shield. He wasn't always doing that but it had become increasingly more frequent and seemed to really stress him out so I tried a bottle and he did great with it. He'll still have his upsiodes of spit up but yesterday he threw up, like multiple heaves, almost at every feeding but was able to hold down some frozen milk I had from a month ago. I thought it was from something I ate but now I'm wondering if it's cause I'm pumping too much and he's getting too much foremilk. I'm able to pump 5, sometimes 6 oz per breast and have only been pumping 3x a day and once in the middle of the night. Should I pump more frequently to lessen the amount of milk I get per session and lessen the amount of foremilk? Or do you think he's throwing up for an unrelated reason? Possibly something I ate? (I give him 4 oz bottles)

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    How many times in 24 hours does baby get a bottle? 4 ounces every meal is a lot. Have you tried smaller bottles given more frequently? Also you can try paced bottle feeding as this normalizes the bottles a bit...makes them more like breastfeeding in how long they take to eat, as rapid eating also causes spit up.

    EDIT: 10 ounces per pump session is certainly quite a lot to be pumping. And yes, for multiple reasons an eping mom with an established milk production wants to be pumping 6-8 times in 24 hours, no less. The longer milk sits in the breast, the more foremilk builds up. This is not going to hurt your baby, but it might explain the copious spit up and a few other things like green poop that are caused by baby getting a little too much foremilk all at once. It has nothing to do with baby not getting enough hindmilk, and again, there is nothing wrong with your milk and it is not hurting your baby.

    I would suggest you may want to cut down on how long you pump- in other words, do not pump so much out each time, and to also immediately increase how often you pump up to 6 times per day.

    Also, OP and fast letdown would cause the issues your baby was experiencing while nursing including latch difficulty. There are many ways to reduce and eliminate that problem while continuing to nurse your baby. Also a shield may no longer be needed, but if it is, I wonder if the fast letdown was causing the problems not the shield, or if baby needed a smaller shield? Nursing at the breast has specific benefits and also many moms find EPing very difficult to sustain, so it might make sense to think about getter baby back to the breast which is usually very possible. If you would like info on that let us know.
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