My 2 mo old threw up what looked like the entire contents of what he ate starting at 7am and continuing to 8 pm. (He held some of my milk down around noon time but only a couple oz.) It wasn't just spit up, it was multiple heaves resulting in both me and him getting covered and enough to make a little puddle on the floor. I pump and use a bottle due to latch issues. The bottles i gave him had 4oz in them and when he finished, I went to burp him and it all came up. He tends to get air trapped sometimes and spit up but this was a whole new level and I would categorize it as throw up. I have some older frozen milk I gave him and he held that down just fine. The only thing I can think of that I changed in my diet was that I ate these mini gluten and dairy free cupcakes that actually gave me diarrhea (sorry, tmi) so idk if it did something to my milk? What else would cause him to throw up like this all day but be fine with frozen milk?