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Thread: 9 days old... still no milk

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    Default 9 days old... still no milk

    Hello, this is my first post here. My baby is 9 days old, I've been pumping and getting small amounts of colostrum, but no milk. Is there a point where I should just give up? It's really starting to feel hopeless.

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    Hi serenda. I am sorry you are having this difficulty.

    Can you see a lactation consultant? (IBCLC) Or have you? if a mother is not able to make much milk, there is a reason. And figuring out the reason may help you find a solution. So what you are pumping is a little thick and golden? A little like honey maybe? No white, no liquidy milk? If so, what you are describing is a very specific issue where the lactation process is very delayed or perhaps prevented from moving to the next stage. This is not all that common and I think seeing a professional with training and experience in breastfeeding issues is your best bet.

    An excellent book on milk production concerns is Making More Milk

    This article is good too: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/

    To help you here, we would need much more information. I have many questions but we can start with these.

    Is your baby nursing, and if not, why not?
    Was your baby's birth traumatic or prolonged in any way?
    How is your health currently?
    Was baby born more than 3 weeks early?
    What kind of pump are you using and does it fit you correctly?
    How many times in 24 hours do you pump?
    Have you tried hand expression?

    Is there a point where I should just give up?
    There is no specific point, biologically speaking, where there is no chance of increasing milk production or getting production on the right track. Your baby is very young still and until you know more about what and why this is happening, you just do not have the information needed to decide that there is no hope. But that is not the only reason to "give up".... you might decide to give up when giving up seems like the best choice for yourself and your baby and your family. Or another option would be to find out more about the subject of low milk production and then make an informed choice about perhaps rearranging your goals as needed. Also remember that there is no reason things have to be all or nothing, unless that is what would work best for you. Many moms decide to continue to supplement as needed, even if it is mostly needed, but still also nurse their babies.

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